In the world of colors bright, where day meets the softest night,
there exists a lovely sight, a girl with eyes like morning light.
Her spirit, a beacon, pure and bright, a treasure that forever binds.
In the canvas of life, she shines, a melody in sweetest chimes.

Oh, girls, how wondrous are they, like stars that light the Milky Way.
With hearts so warm, they light our day, in every charming, graceful sway.
In dreams, they dance with colors bold, painting stories yet untold.
Their strength, a tale of time unfolds, a saga of the purest gold.

My heart, it beats a frantic song, for a girl where I belong.
Her kindness, like a soothing song, where all my fears and doubts are gone.
In her presence, I find my peace, a love that’ll never know decrease.
She’s the calm in life’s fierce seas, my heart’s eternal masterpiece.

She moves through life with grace untold, a canvas of dreams and gold.
Her laughter, like a story, unfolds, in every moment, love she molds.
In her smile, the sun does rise, painting rainbows in the skies.
She’s the truth in all the lies, the spark that in my darkness flies.

Her words, like poetry, do flow, in every verse, her spirit glows,
a symphony where love does grow, a river where sweet emotions flow.
Oh, girls, the world you truly grace, with your kindness and your embrace.
In your presence, all find solace, a sanctuary, a sacred space.

To her, my heart, I gently lend, a love that’s true, will never end.
With her, my broken pieces mend, a love that time will not suspend.
In every heartbeat, her name’s engraved, in every dream, her love’s craved.
In her love, I find the brave, the strength to conquer every wave.

So here I stand, my heart aflame, whispering her beloved name.
In every rhyme, her essence same, in every line, her love I claim.
Girls, you’re the universe’s song, in every note, you all belong.
In your existence, we grow strong, in your love, we all prolong.

And to the girl with eyes so deep, in my heart, your love I keep.
In dreams, your name, my soul does steep, in every sigh, your memory seeps.
Oh, girl, with a spirit that does crown, in your love, I’ll never drown.
With you, life’s treasures I have found, in your love, forever I am bound.


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