In a world so wide and full of cheer,
where laughter reigns and there’s no fear,
a little child with eyes so bright,
dreams of peace, both day and night.

With crayons bold and paper white,
I draw a world that’s free from fight,
no angry words, no fists that fly,
just endless smiles that touch the sky.

The sun would rise, the birds would sing,
in a world where love is the only king,
no more battles, no more cries,
just friendly waves and clear blue skies.

The rivers flow, the oceans dance,
in a world where kindness has a chance,
no prejudice, no judgments cruel,
just acceptance as the golden rule.

In this land of endless glee,
every creature would roam wild and free,
lions, bears, and birds of blue,
living in peace, just like we do.

The mountains tall, the forests green,
in harmony, they form a scene,
no axes sharp, no trees would fall,
just nature’s song, a tranquil call.

Children laugh and play in mirth,
all across this peaceful earth,
hand in hand, we skip along,
singing the sweetest, happiest song.

No borders, fences, or dividing lines,
just unity in the grand design,
different colors, faces, and creed,
all living as one, we’d succeed.

With love as our guiding star so bright,
we’ll banish darkness, welcome light,
in this world where kindness reigns,
we’ll erase all sorrows, all the pains.

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