The photos featured in this post were generously provided by Lustre, a photo studio situated in Dnipro, Ukraine. I express my gratitude for their valuable contribution in enhancing my poem.

In a world of grace, a dancer’s embrace,
she’d twirl with such style, a smile on her face.
With steps so light, in the softest of lace,
her movements like poetry, a ballet’s embrace.

In the studio’s mirror, she’d dance without fear,
with ribbons in her hair, she’d pirouette near.
Her heart full of dreams, her spirit sincere,
in the world of dance, she’d always be here.

With her dancing shoes, she’d gracefully glide,
a vision of beauty, with joy as her guide.
Each leap and each spin, she’d never subside,
in the world of movement, where dreams would reside.

As moonlight caressed the stage’s gleaming floor,
she’d dance and explore, each step to adore.
In the quiet of night, or the light’s grandeur,
her dance was a tale, forever mature.

In this world of rhythm, where dreams take flight,
she’d dance with all her might, with pure delight.
No judgments or labels, just pure insight,
the little dancer’s story, a radiant light.

But behind these verses, there’s a secret to share,
a love for the dancer, beyond compare.
In the whispers of rhyme, and the words in the air,
it’s a love so deep, a love so rare.

For her, you’re the audience, the silent cheer,
her passion for dance, you hold dear.
In every step, every gesture, you’re near,
a love unspoken, but always clear.

So as she twirls and as she whirls,
in her dance, a love unfurls.
It’s a silent bond, a love that hurls,
into the depths of two dancing souls.

And in this lengthy poem, the truth is laid bare,
the love for the dancer, beyond compare.
In the dance of life, a love so rare,
an unspoken love, always there.

girl is training near ballet barre

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