In the theatre of dreams, under the velvet sky,
There’s an unseen ballet, a tale that dances by.
Boys in ballet shoes, their spirits high,
Against the world, they dare to defy.

They pirouette into the dance domain,
With dreams as vast as the open plain.
Each plié, each entrechat, a refrain,
A symphony of struggle, courage, and pain.

Yet, they dance in a world that often sneers,
Bound by chains of stereotypes and fears.
“Boys don’t dance,” the echo jeers,
In their journey, their hope perseveres.

But these boys, they dance with fire,
Against the tide of judgement dire.
In their passion, they aspire,
A revolution they inspire.

They grand jeté through the scorn and the jest,
Their resilience a brightly shining crest.
In their dance, they attest,
A new narrative, beautifully expressed.

Their bodies sing in silent verses,
Through ballet, jazz, or contemporary curses.
In their movement, the heart converses,
A tale that the soul immerses.

The stage is their citadel and their church,
Under the spotlight’s golden perch.
Each step a proclamation, each lurch,
A testament to their relentless search.

So here’s to the boy dancers who dare to soar,
Who honour their passion, forevermore.
In their dance, they explore,
A truth that the world can’t ignore.

The struggle is fierce, but so is the elation,
In every move, in every standing ovation.
In this dance, they find their salvation,
A strength that defies all limitation.

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