Rewritten version of “Just accept yourself for who you are”

I am a freak, and I am really proud of the fact I am!
It is often used as a word to bully, yet I am the one who will be laughing last, as the word only means someone is different, and yes, I am different.
I never have been afraid of saying the words ‘I am different’, it is because I grew up all my life being different.
But why does it matter if I am different in the first place, as if it matters to you, then that is your problem, not mine, isn’t it..?

I grew up liking things most would describe as liking’s of females, it is how I was, I actually have a photo of myself in a dress…
Yet, I don’t belong in the LGBT discussion in any way, even though I do support the LGBT community.
This is because unlike being Lesbian, Gay, Bi or Transgender, Gender identities do change when you grow up.
The fact is that I am not gay or bi, however I am often labeled this way because I am not the “standard boy”, and when you combine this with some acts of the LGBTi movement, problems show for me…
The easiest is the fact I just fall between 2 parts of society, this third part is where people truly always are bullied for absolutely no reason.
The combination of general society and certain parts of the LGBTi movement create the group where I belong to, the ‘freaks’ as I previously already called myself.

I never had a stable living location for most of my life, both my biological mother and biological father have for a long time been unknowns…
Eventually I did have the chance to meet them, with my biological father I never truly connected, he is a man of discipline of what I got to know of him, an army man, which is not that hard to understand why we never truly connected, him having abandoned me when I was young, and the moment we met, he only complained I was not good enough to his vision.
While I could have spoken up, I did not, and this has not changed until he died.
My biological mother is a different story, a flexible woman, discipline is probably her last care, and accepting of how I am. Still, seeing her as true family is not there, just like I had my biological father, the connection many probably make by parents raising them, that is not there for me.

Yes, like the above part should say already, I am indeed a foundling.
It is not that weird that being a foundling is a reason people will call me a freak, as terminology gets crazy at these sort of subjects.
In basics, I am an Orphan, but unlike many are aware of, a lot of people around the world are too.
In fact, 1 on 14 children is orphan(Based on UNICEF statistics), of which probably the majority are currently living with the left over parent…
Yes, the term Orphan means that you lost 1 or both of your parents, nothing more than that, which often comes as a surprise to people, including those working at charities.
As people tend to see everyone at orphanages as orphans, as that term includes the word orphan, yet the amazing English language is not as easy as you may think…
Being deserted/abandoned/forsaken by your parents doesn’t make you an orphan, as your parents didn’t die…
That one moment you thought to have at least the grip of being labeled a way, suddenly that label is taken away.

Which is why most people are called freaks, and bullied afterwards, the fact we label others.
I have enough labels, and if they would be there in a real and visible form, you would not even be able to see me at all.
Yet, that is how it is for everyone, as no one is the same, truly everyone is unique, even identical twins.
Which is why I am just accepting of the fact I am different, as it also means I am the same as every single other person.

What you should understand, is that the only way of being truly happy, is by accepting no one is the same, even when it equals daring calling yourself a freak like me.
No one could use 1 phrase to fully explain themselves, and that is as we are so complicated, having so much parts where we could have our very own uniqueness.
I have no problems accepting who I am, and never will have any problem, as I dare to face the fact I alone at my uniqueness, but together as everyone has their own unique part.
And eventually, without our freaky unique parts, we wouldn’t be ourselves, so shouldn’t we be celebrating the fact that we are different, and not the same?