When looking here at my blog, you would likely not realize I am not yet the age of an adult.
Neither possibly while looking at my Twitter profile; as apparently people think politics and social causes are only for those above a certain age…
However, when looking at my overall activities, things change.
For example, one of those activities is gaming, which makes the connection of what I will be writing about today, which is the subject of languages.

When it comes to gaming, I am one of the annoying people; I am native to the Russian language.
It is not truly that strange that Russians, Ukrainians, and others native to the Russian language are regarded as annoying when it comes to video games.
To not make it that in-depth, many of us use Russian instead of English online, even quite often to people who are native to other languages.
When someone speaks or writes in a way that is not understandable to you, it often will annoy. (which has to do with psychology, but let me skip that.)
As for others who are known to be regarded as annoying within the gaming scene, we often end up with Germans, Hispanics, and Chinese people.

Now, to counter those problems, I am also part of a collective of gamers who try to push to use primarily English online, and have made a collection of copy and paste texts to use.
As an example would be “Пожалуйста, применяйте английский язык. Большинство из нас не понимает русский, включая меня.”, which is used by many of my non-Russian friends.
But, which is far more important, who tries to promote the idea of learning more languages.
Eventually, there are undeniable reasons to learn more than 1 languages.

Still, often the problem is not at people not wanting to learn new languages, but rather at taking the first step.
Which is understandable, but no longer truly needed these days.
In the past you would need to search a language teacher for the language you would like to learn, and that was only step 1.
As it was also important to have a good connection to the teacher, to name one of the many other importances; it is actually far easier to learn of someone who you have a good feeling about.
Yet, these days days you can also turn towards companies like Babbel, Rosetta Stone, and Duolingo.
Personally, I will admit that I do not recommended the first one, Babbel, as it had problems with their voice recognition software while I was offered the ability to test it, even in a test with my native language Russian, but maybe others do like them.
These companies offer software-based learning, which takes a few minutes to install, if even required, and start learning a new languages.
And yes, those software do work, as I learned German, Spanish, and Italian through Rosetta Stone, and the German I learned through it was enough to use on a daily basis.

To leap back to the start:
I am one of those annoying people who is native to the Russian language…
However, I am also one of the few people with knowledge of about 50 other languages.
When it comes most people, not just online, we judge very fast, but don’t realize the ignorance behind it.
Factually, we could all learn a language, but more important…
We could all just do the simplest of things, ask someone if he or she even knows another language…