[Rectification] Song Translation: Индиго – Просто Открой Свои Глаза

, [Rectification] Song Translation: Индиго – Просто Открой Свои Глаза, SnowCalmth

Earlier today Vadim published the blog post “Song Translation: Индиго – Просто Открой Свои Глаза“. In this post he shared a subtitled version of the official music video. Sadly, the subtitles in his version were broken. Because of incorrect spacing a large part of the subtitles were not visible. This went by unnoticed to Vadim as he was in a hurry and forgot to check the video before publishing.

As Vadim published his translation in a text version below the video, I took it upon myself to correct the subtitles. The previous video has now been replaced with this version. We apologise for the mistake.

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