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The crushing part of kindness & happiness

The crushing part of kindness & happiness

It’s an ideal to many, being kind and happy. However, for many who truly are both, these are not long-lasting.The problem not being themselves, but the societal norms of today. In today’s society, it’s much more accepted to leave others alone, complain about everything, be depressed, speak out about whatever.

The loner’s dream

The loner’s dream

Even if you’re the only peaceful voice amid thousands screaming for violence, there is no reason to change your voice. The light in the darkness is what moves change. It’s generally not the masses who are righteous, honorable, justified. It’s the loner who dares to speak when everyone else remains.

The unseen bigger picture

After all the horrible discrimination I have seen at the USA, I wish I could ask one of those people a simple and straightforward question, which is: “Are you against migrants?” The reason for that simple question is because the answer quite likely will result in anything meaning “yes”, at.

To the United Nations: Stop the confusion!

For about a year already, I’m actively fighting anti-institutionalization campaigns who incorrectly use the word “orphanage” instead of “children’s home”. I’m happy that more and more campaigns, charities, and foundations are opening their eyes, and are attempting to use it correctly. This includes the Lumos Foundation, which I have criticized.

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