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Words are the problem

As my blog is kind of an extension of my Twitter profile, it is likely that you have read the following Tweet: My mind has been preoccupied this week, hence no songs of the day that I usually do.Henceforth, a #SongOfTheWeek for once.Which is a song that after 11 years.

Random Mumblings: Languages

Random Mumblings: Languages

When looking here at my blog, you would likely not realize I am not yet the age of an adult. Neither possibly while looking at my Twitter profile; as apparently people think politics and social causes are only for those above a certain age… However, when looking at my overall.

A horrible quote

A horrible quote

“What a child doesn’t receive he can seldom later give.” Ever heard of that quote? It’s quote of British crime writer Phyllis Dorothy James from her book “Time to be in Earnest: A Fragment of Autobiography”. Also, it is among my most hated quotes in existence. This single quote easily.

Goal achieved, problem remains

Over a year ago, I started the fight with anti-institutionalization organizations over the terms “Orphan” and “Orphanages”. An emotional fight, and a fight I didn’t believe I would even have any success at, which I only continued to stand up for because of an increasing amount of support I received.

English refresher

A small refresher of English words, as apparently many have forgotten what the words exactly mean: Nationality – Being a national of a country, which is based on the country you were born at. Your nationality will never change throughout your life. Citizenship – Being a citizen of a country..

The terminology of the word Orphan

Ever heard of the term “Double Orphan”? Sounds weird, doesn’t it? Actually, this is the valid term for children who have lost both of their parents, no matter which way, so including through disappearance of parents, and abandonment. Still, it ain’t that weird that you might not have heard about.

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