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Short opinion: Five Feet Apart

Short opinion: Five Feet Apart

Tonight I watched Five Feet Apart together with my girlfriend. We watched it together by online means as COVID just gives too many risks for my health to watch it together in our regular life. And as someone with cystic fibrosis, I have to admit that I feel really mixed.

Not more, not less, just you.

Not more, not less, just you.

“Because you could maybe judge me..?”It hit me hard when my girlfriend said these words. In my mind the only words that show are, “how could I ever judge her?” It was during a conversation about weight when she uttered those words. I never even considered the possibility of judging.

Words are the problem

As my blog is kind of an extension of my Twitter profile, it is likely that you have read the following Tweet: My mind has been preoccupied this week, hence no songs of the day that I usually do.Henceforth, a #SongOfTheWeek for once.Which is a song that after 11 years.

Beyond what is regular

Beyond what is regular

Don’t take this the wrong way, but did you know that a needle could be used as a replacement of scissors or a knife? Probably your answer is no, and don’t worry, it is not something you need to know regardless. Seems like a ridiculous thing to even know, yet,.

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