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Is honesty the answer?

Honesty, it seems such an easy concept, however, the reality is different. When we look at what truly happens, many of us are not truly honest, not dishonest either, but rather staying in the middle. Which is not that strange, as when we go through life, situations will develop every.

We don’t really know

Note: Written in a currently hard time of my life. Because of that I lack focus, and it may have degraded my writing. My apologies if it has. We all think we know… I do, you do, and pretty much all of the world does. Which is no problem, if.

[Short] Required to respect officials?

Recently I have read a huge number of adults saying that it is ridiculous that children and youth are not being respectful to elected officials… Somehow, I think those who say it is ridiculous, are ridiculous themselves, as we are talking about ELECTED officials… For those who are not aware,.

Behind Tili-tili bom

(Advice: Fully read what I wrote before judging what I said.) I always find it funny when people at “the west” call this song (Тили-тили бом / Tili-tili bom) “creepy”… Those who suppose this is creepy, need to check out Latvian and Lithuanian folk children’s songs of the past, which.

Our lives: once lived, now forgotten

The developed world, the dreams of some, the pride of others, however, in some cases, the vision of disgust. This includes myself, I do not see the so-called developed world as some future of the undeveloped world, rather something that should be avoided… Let me explain why this is my.

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