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My opinion:  Gender Inequality

My opinion: Gender Inequality

[Blog posts starting with “My opinion:” are based of my complete honest view about a certain subject. Unlike most other blog posts, they are not intended about making you agree, neither do I truly care if you agree, they are just about sharing my opinion] Inequality… Just saying that term will.

We just think differently

Foreword This blog post contains several Greek phrases, they will however all be followed by translations. All phrases were translated from Russian to English and then to Greek by native-translators, and may be translated wrongly, or have lost meaning. There was no true need for Greek translations, but it felt.

I am proud to be different

I’m autistic… … If that just made you gasp or anything, you are one of the people that makes the problem in “mental health problem”. The list of locations I have lived at is longer than my age, even when you would express the list just by country… Yet, those.

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