I prefer to write my poems based on an overall subject or person. Today, it is inspired by Vladimir Stoupel, a pianist and conductor with a heart of gold. I don’t say this based on a distant belief, but on the conversations I’ve been blessed to have had with him.

This is also as good a time as any to note that I won’t be available for about a week. It’s because of summer camp, which I always really enjoy. I’ve attempted to pre-plan some poems I’ve previously written but not shared yet, so there will still be a daily share. However, you shouldn’t expect a quick response if you comment or message me on Twitter.

My poem:

In a world of ebony and ivory, where dreams reside,
A symphony awakens as his fingers glide.
With every stroke, every delicate touch,
A musician’s heart sings, expressing so much.

Within the realm of keys and timeless tunes,
He finds solace, where melodies commune.
Through countless hours of practice and devotion,
His soul dances, embracing music’s emotion.

On the grand stage, a universe of sound,
A hushed crowd listens, their senses spellbound.
His fingers dance, a delicate ballet,
Breathing life into compositions, in his own unique way.

The piano’s embrace, a mesmerizing hold,
His passion ignited, his spirit bold.
With each note, a tale of joy or woe,
He paints portraits of emotions, letting them flow.

From delicate sonatas to thunderous chords,
His music speaks, bridging worlds.
The keys come alive, like cascading rain,
A tapestry of harmonies, an enchanting refrain.

Through trials and setbacks, he perseveres,
His love for the piano forever sincere.
For music is more than notes on a page,
It’s a language of the soul, a transformative stage.

Witness his captivating odyssey unfold,
As he shares the beauty that can’t be told.
In the piano’s realm, he finds his voice,
An everlasting symphony, where hearts rejoice.

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