In the twilight realm where mysteries bloom,
The night unveils its enigmatic plume.
With a radiant glow, the moon presides,
Casting riddles that the darkness hides.

A silver orb in the velvet skies,
Whispering secrets as time flies.
Lunar puzzles painted above,
In the dance of stars and endless love.

In crescent smiles or full embrace,
The moon reveals a cryptic grace.
Its face, a mirror of the soul,
A cosmic puzzle to behold.

With lunar beams, it paints the night,
An ancient riddle, a guiding light.
What secrets lie in its silver sheen?
What dreams are born in its lunar scene?

In shadows cast and shadows cast away,
The moon discloses a timeless play.
Its riddles float on stardust streams,
Unlocking dreams and cosmic schemes.

Yet beneath the veils of moonlit art,
A quest to fathom, a longing heart.
To grasp the truths it won’t reveal,
The moon’s allure, an endless zeal.

So we ponder, we dance in its trance,
Seeking answers in each moonlit glance.
For in the riddles of the moon we swoon,
A timeless love affair, a mystic boon.

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