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In this blog post, we delve into the impact of Trump’s policies and shed light on why they may not be effective. However, instead of analyzing these policies, we will explore the underlying concerns they raise about the state of American politics. By examining parallels with Ukraine and highlighting the rise of a potential dictatorship, we aim to provoke thought and generate a deeper understanding of the situation.

After Trump’s unexpected victory, many of his supporters claimed that Ukraine was the biggest loser in his win. While this statement holds some truth, it is not in the way people typically express it. Ukraine finds itself in a similar situation to its own past, with history repeating in the United States. This repetition may lead to a puppet-like scenario, reminiscent of what occurred under Yanukovych’s reign. The main cause for concern is the involvement of Russia, or more specifically, Vladimir Putin and his associates.

Ukraine has experienced its own struggles due to poor governance, resulting in a fractured relationship with the rest of Europe. A single wrong decision has caused numerous problems and pushed Ukraine further away from integration. Sadly, this pattern seems to be repeating itself in the United States. Trump, besides breaking promises, attempts to form an alliance with the very person responsible for the turmoil in Ukraine – Vladimir Putin, who can be considered a warlord considering his actions in Syria.

The United States received criticism for its invasion of Iraq, which is believed to have contributed to ongoing events in the Middle East. Contrary to popular belief, it was President Bush, not Obama, who initiated this action. In hindsight, Bush’s decision to invade a country thousands of miles away as a response to a terrorist attack appeared radical. Surprisingly, when comparing this to the events surrounding Trump’s rise to power, Bush’s actions seem almost neutral.

One word connects all the points raised in this discussion: “crazy.” To many Americans, it may seem absurd, but Trump emerged as a favored candidate solely because he was different. Most Trump supporters, when questioned, failed to recognize that they were voicing opinions against Trump’s own beliefs. Merely being distinct seemed sufficient for them. However, settling for something “close enough” is not an ideal approach.

In this regard, the United States could learn from Ukraine. As Ukrainians, we did not agree with the circumstances we faced, so we spoke out against them instead of merely accepting them. Americans had the same opportunity to stand against both Trump and Clinton, as well as the other available options, such as Jill Stein. The fact that the fourth candidate’s name eludes me, despite my interest in politics and support for green parties, speaks volumes. It is not often that I forget something of that nature.

Every four years, Americans face a choice between two candidates. However, if one party secures a majority in the Senate, House of Representatives, and the Presidency, it effectively becomes a dictatorship, albeit not in the traditional sense. A dictatorship is characterized by a single ruling power, and in the current political landscape of the United States, the Republican party controls all three branches. Take a moment to contemplate the significance of this fact.

I will not delve further into my personal connection to Ukraine and its relevance to what transpired. However, what Americans need to grasp is that as of 2017, a new form of dictatorship has emerged. A dictatorship does not necessarily require a single individual; in this case, the Republican party’s dominance across all three branches of government suffices.

Congratulations to Trump and the Republican Party for reshaping America. The country may be “great again,” but it is no longer under the people’s control. Welcome to what can be seen as a new dictatorship, the United States of America!

Old version (Welcome To The Dictatorship Of The United States Of America)

Yes, I said I would tell about why Trump policies won’t work,
Yet, indeed, no, I won’t tell you about them.
Which is also instantly everything about Trump summed up in just a few words.

After Trump’s win, many Trump supporters called out that Ukraine is the biggest loser by the win of Trump,
This is hurtful, but in fact, people are right about that, yet not in the way people try to express.
Ukraine is the biggest loser as we see our history repeating at the USA, as this most likely will end up in the same puppet story as we have seen with Yanukovych.
Once again by the same causer, Russia, or to be fair to Russians, by Vladimir Putin and his toadies….

When it comes to Ukraine, we got ourselves silenced because of a bad President, and we are further away from being united with the rest of Europe then when we were back then…
1 wrong decision that has caused many problems, and, like I said, this is what is repeating at the USA, as Trump in fact only could break his promises, but not just that, he is attempting an alliance with the one who is behind the mess at Ukraine, who deserves the naming of a warlord, looking at also what he does at Syria, Vladimir Putin.

The USA has had criticism for invading Iraq, and by this being one of the causes of the events at the Middle East that are still ongoing, this was back then by President Bush, not Obama, unlike some Trump supporters shout.
Bush was a quite radical person to me, as invading a country at basically the other side of the world, is a massive reply to a terrorist attack, which until Today has still not actually been proven to be done by terrorists in the first place…
However at the opposite of “9/11”, so “11/9”, which in fact is also how most countries do write “September 11”, Trump was chosen, which to me makes Bush actually look quite neutral…
Yes, a President who invaded a country without actual provable cause, is looking neutral to a President who has to actually make a single decision, crazy right?

And that word connects every single thing I just wrote, “Crazy”.
Something Americans should understand is that it all seems crazy.
Trump is the perfect candidate to many Americans because he was different, but not in fact because of his actual stances, as when I spoke to most Trump supporters, they didn’t notice themselves that they spoke against everything Trump supports. No, instead it was enough he was different…
The thing however is, that you don’t have to settle with something because it is “close enough”…

When it comes to things like this, the USA are the ones who could learn of Ukraine…
We didn’t agree as Ukrainians with what we received, so we spoke out, instead of just accepting.
That is the actual thing Americans could have done from the start, stand against both Trump and Clinton, but also the 2 other choices, Jill Stein and… uh, I do not even know the fourth name.
Which says a lot, as I love Politics and am a supporter of nature, and the green parties at most countries, so me knowing Jill Stein is all but a surprise, but that the fourth name is not even known to me, well, it does not happen that often I forget something…

Americans, Every 4 years you have a choice of 2, which if one of them gets the majority in 3 places(Senate, House of Representatives and Presidency), owns your country, which means that you live at a dictatorship when that happens, and not even in just figure of speech.
A dictatorship is when there is 1 power ruling, and that is what that is, and which is currently the case at the USA…
You have become the exact same as Russia when we are fully honest, as you’re a dictatorship without it being known within your own country.
Take a moment to let that sink into your mind.

I am not going to say more, as I could explain my personal connection to what has happened at Ukraine, which indeed goes far further than my living location and me being Ukrainian.
But all the fact I think Americans need, is that you are as of 2017 a new Dictatorship, as a dictatorship is ruled by 1 power, and that has not to be 1 person, but like you have with the Republican party ruling at all 3 places, that is enough.

So, congratulations to Trump, and to the American Republic Party, with the creation of the new America, which is indeed great again, but no longer in control of the people…
Welcome to the Dictatorship we call the United States of America!