A family, a tree with roots deep and strong,
Bound by love, they stand tall and long.
In times of joy, they bloom and grow,
In times of trouble, they withstand the blow.

The branches may sway, but never break,
For they are supported by the roots of love, they make.
The laughter and tears that they share,
Make them a unit that’s beyond compare.

Parents guide and nurture with care,
Siblings tease and fight but always there,
Grandparents hold memories of the past,
Uncles and aunts bring stories that last.

Through the generations, the family tree grows,
Each branch, a new story, a new chapter it shows.
From birth to death, they share every stage,
Their love and support, an unbreakable cage.

Family, a bond that never fades,
A refuge in a world that constantly changes.
The roots of love, a foundation strong,
A family, a place where we all belong.

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