Russian hacking? I don’t believe so.

As much as I am outspoken, I do like the truth.
So, a 2 country subject now, Russia and the USA, or maybe, even more…?

Let’s get straight to the point, is there a connection between Russia and Trump, my answer is an immediate “No”.
For those who are still not aware, the hacking that has happened until now trace back to Romania, every single time even.
Romanians are actually regarded as the best hackers of the world, with them having the hacker capital of Râmnicu Vâlcea.
If you need any cybercrime to happen, that is the location you will need to go to, maybe whoever is behind the help of Trump just bought their services…

Now, it may still seem possible that it are Russians who are behind the help of Trump, sure, but there is no proof of this, as every claim that has been made moves back to Romania, even though it is attempted by the hacker(s) to make it look like Russians have done so.
And that is where another problem rises, the person claiming to be behind most hacks is someone, or a group of people, who go behind the name of “Guccifer 2.0”, which refers to “Guccifer”, a famous Romanian hacker who has been arrested, extradited to the USA, and sentenced at September of 2016.
The thing about Guccifer 2.0 is that his responses show a very clear knowledge of the English language, to the extremes even, something that is not seen at most Russians until now.

But is Guccifer 2.0 actually Romanian, as he states himself?
Well, no.
When I checked his writing, there shows up something remarkable, the way of capitalizing words, in the way we see at only 1 language, the German language…
While it is attempted to not do so, checking the writings of Guccifer 2.0 show traces of these capitalization quite a lot.
Which leads to another question, which countries would this reflect to?
Well, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland are the most obvious countries, but also parts of Poland, Denmark, Belgium, Luxembourg, and The Netherlands are quite likely.
Most of these countries are also recognized for their remarkable ability to use the English language as second language.

But, how about the Russian-language-only VPN?
Simple, I use Polish-language-only VPNs, so am I native of Poland? – No.
Sure, my biological mother is Polish, but I am not from Poland, and neither live at Poland.
Apart of that, we could use an online translator to translate things, it says nothing if someone uses a service of another language.
The fact that a Russian-language-only VPN is used says 1 thing, that a Russian-language-only VPN is used, nothing more.

So… who is actually behind it all?
Well, it could be true that Guccifer 2.0 is Romanian, like he says, but just doesn’t speak Romanian, it wouldn’t be something new, as we can migrate to other countries.
It is, however, likely that Guccifer 2.0 is at a location where German is known, which makes actually The Netherlands stand out most to me personally, with the known fact that many use Dutch servers for their daily activities, being close to the servers would have a lot of benefits for any hacker… Maybe he is just beyond the borders at Germany.. who knows..?
It would also explain how he had no problem to be at the UK several times, as it as easy to get on the boat over the sea…
The thing that, however, leads to question marks at me is his sudden disappearance, but also the problems of his actual blog, as it is actually hosted at WordPress, which actually weakens his own privacy, quite a weird thing to do as a supposed hacker.
So, what are we left with if we would take away Guccifer 2.0 as possibility, and just look at hard facts?
Well, still it remains extremely unlikely that Russia did do this, based on the fact that everything used was Russian, and the FSB and related organisations are not using local services, at which I can point to The Netherlands, as yes, the Russians use Dutch services, which is hardly surprising to those who know their facts about these countries, it is not for no reason that the whole problems at the East of Ukraine causes so much commotion at The Netherlands.
It actually makes it extremely likely that the hacking was done by any number of American organisations, as they would know that getting the Russians involved would mean that they would be instantly safe…
But who is actually behind all these hacking, that might remain unknown, as a large number of valid hackers have remained in the shadows for a long time already, the hackers who were caught rather show they are not great hackers in the first place…

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