Russian hacking, or maybe not?

If you have not yet heard, the French elections have been target of hacking, in support of Le Pen.
Similar problem as with the American elections, and once again, arrows are aimed at Russia
The disturbing part is that it actually seems not connected to Russia, and like with the American elections, another country comes up in my mind, Romania…

The Romanian anti-EU & far-right parties “National Force” and “United Romania Party”, which were said to merge earlier this year(no clue if it happened), are both connected to both Trump and Le Pen…
Unlike Russia, and Russian politicians, these Romanian politicians/political parties have actually things to win for their anti-EU stances by getting someone like Le Pen elected at France, primarily as the EU has 2 true leaders left, Germany and France, and with another leader of the EU possibly removed of the EU, the EU is more likely to collapse.

However, it is important to note that the collapse of the EU would be devastating to Europe, if it would happen, and actually apocalyptic for countries like Romania, but also their closest friendly country Moldova, as this would only leave the defence of NATO, which important to note about is that Romania is quite likely to loose their membership, as apparently the money will not be there for much longer, looking at for example the previous inability of Romania to pay their required membership to EBU.
Even more to the point would be if we would take NATO out of the equation all together, looking at the fact that Trump has basically stated during the American elections that he wanted the NATO to be gone, which wouldn’t mean anything for any West European country, as France and Germany remain as unlikely to attack each other, and countries like The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Austria are unlikely to be annexed, but would mean problems to most South and East European countries, which would include countries like Greece and Belarus to be annexed for their (previous) support to Russia, but more importantly, countries like Romania and Moldova to be getting even excluded even more than they already are, as in the simplest way of saying, they are not profitable…

In all ways, the current hackers are steering Europe to destruction, and as much as some people would like it, it doesn’t seem to actually be connected to Russia, but much rather to Romania, who as crazy as it is, seem to have people who think they can get benefit of the EU to be gone, even though in reality it would lead Romania to even greater troubles than their history already has shown…
(Forgot to add: Some of the hackers of the American elections have previously been verified as being Romanian, maybe this statement has changed at the USA during the time I have not kept up with the silliness of Trump, but it would mean there already previously has been made a connection to Romania. At these elections Russia has nothing to truly win, yet we see similar practices, only time will tell, I suppose..
Also good to note is that Russia was not connected to the tweets surrounding “#MacronLeaks”, however, Romania once again was…)

Source: https://www.facebook.com/snowcalmth/posts/1856965217958690

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