In sacred silence, hearts inclined,
To realms unseen, the souls unwind.
A humble plea, an earnest call,
A whispering hope to guide us all.

In moments still, we find our peace,
A connection strong that shall not cease.
With eyes closed tight, we seek a way,
To reach the heavens as we pray.

With folded hands and bended knee,
We offer up our words so free.
Each syllable, a sacred song,
To lift our spirits, make us strong.

We pray for love to heal all hearts,
For peace to mend the world’s torn parts.
For wisdom in our troubled days,
To navigate life’s winding maze.

A poem of faith, of hope, and grace,
A channel to a higher place.
Through prayer, we find our inner light,
Guiding us through the darkest night.

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