A world in need of change, so vast,
A future bright, a hopeful cast.
A world where love and peace abound,
Where kindness and compassion are renowned.

We see the struggles, the pain, the strife,
We hear the cries for a better life.
A world divided, torn apart,
Injustice, greed, and a wounded heart.

But change begins with a single seed,
A tiny spark that we can heed.
A flicker of hope, a glimmer of light,
To rise against the darkest night.

It starts with one, a voice so bold,
A heart that’s brave, a story told.
A stand for truth, a fight for right,
A beacon shining in the night.

With hands held high and hearts aflame,
We march ahead, we stake our claim.
We bridge divides, we break down walls,
We heed the voices of the calls.

We stand for love, we stand for peace,
Injustice and hatred, we shall release.
We build a world of unity,
A world where all can live in harmony.

No more discrimination, no more fear,
No more suffering, no more tear.
We plant the seeds of change today,
For a brighter tomorrow, come what may.

So let us rise, united and strong,
To right the wrongs, to sing the song
Of a world transformed, of hearts renewed,
Of a world where dreams can be pursued.

Together we can change the world,
With love as our banner, unfurled.
For in our hands, the power lies,
To create a world that’s truly wise.

So let us strive, let us believe,
That change is possible, if we conceive
Of a world where all are equal, free,
A world that’s fair for you and me.

Let us be the change we seek,
With courage bold and spirits meek.
For in our hearts, the fire burns bright,
To change the world with love’s pure light.

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