I have been facing a dilemma for several days regarding whether or not I should share this piece, as it holds immense personal significance to me, surpassing any other poem I have written before. This is the reason why my blog has remained quiet for the past few days. However, as you can observe, I have ultimately made the decision to share it. At present, I find it difficult to express any further words beyond this point, as even the act of rereading the poem evokes a flood of emotions within me once again…

In shadows cast upon his tender soul,
I witnessed my little brother’s struggle unfold.
Anxiety’s grip, relentless and cold,
Bullying’s poison, taking its toll.

His spirit, once radiant, now dimmed by fear,
His heart burdened, his eyes shedding tears.
The weight upon his fragile shoulders,
A storm within, growing bolder.

I watched him stumble, his laughter fade,
In the face of torment, his dreams betrayed.
Like a wounded bird, he sought to hide,
His innocence crushed, his spirit denied.

In tender moments, behind closed doors,
I cradled him, feeling the tremors he bore.
His tears spoke volumes, a plea for peace,
A sheltered harbor where his pain could cease.

Together we wove a tapestry of solace,
Beneath a sky painted with love’s promise.
I whispered words of strength and belief,
That within him, resilience could find relief.

But the battle raged on, fierce and unkind,
Bullying’s grip tightening, crushing his mind.
Anxiety’s whispers grew louder each day,
His spirit eroding, fading away.

Through trembling breaths and tear-stained cheeks,
I witnessed his panic reach its peaks.
In the clutches of fear, he trembled and shook,
My heart shattered, my voice forsook.

No solace I could offer, no refuge to provide,
Helpless, I stood as he suffered inside.
The weight upon his fragile soul,
A burden too heavy, beyond my control.

In this tale of anguish and despair,
I grapple with pain, my heart laid bare.
For no sister should witness such strife,
To see her little brother lose his light.

Yet I’ll persevere, love as my guide,
Seeking solace and strength far and wide.
Together, we’ll confront the darkness we face,
A sister’s love, an unwavering embrace.

In the depths of turmoil, we’ll find our way,
Through tears and struggles, come what may.
With resilience as our armor, we’ll fight,
To reclaim his joy, to make things right.

Though the journey be arduous, I’ll never wane,
In his corner, an unwavering flame.
With fierce determination, I’ll stand tall,
To lift him up when he starts to fall.

Through the stormy nights, I’ll be his shield,
A sister’s love, a refuge to wield.
We’ll weather the tempest, together, we’ll cope,
Holding on to hope, embracing the scope.

For in the face of adversity, we’ll find,
A strength within, an unbreakable bind.
And even amidst the darkest of strife,
Love’s enduring light will guide our life.

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