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[Short] Required to respect officials?

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Recently I have read a huge number of adults saying that it is ridiculous that children and youth are not being respectful to elected officials…
Somehow, I think those who say it is ridiculous, are ridiculous themselves, as we are talking about ELECTED officials…
For those who are not aware, those who are elected were previously also just another random person to us all, yes, even the one who got ridiculously elected at one of the biggest countries of the world, Donald J. Trump, who always talks about a bunch of ridiculous things…

Seriously, I choose to be respectful to some officials(not just elected) of countries, like Israeli diplomats, Ukrainian diplomats, politicians at Bosnia and Herzegovina, Canada, Poland, Germany, the United Kingdom, Mongolia, and long list after (which includes Russia, as I lived at Russia, so get over it, they have an opposition still…), because of their acts, what they say, not by their status.
For those who want to know, I am just as likely to be disrespectful to the police, which are also officials actually for those who are not aware, if they are disrespectful to me. Sure, the law would say at quite some countries that I would be fully required to be respectful to them, but it is time for many adults to realize it is not as simple as that, and most were neither that way when they were young, they only feel better than children and youth now they are adult, even if some may not even be aware of these feelings and doing it without intent.

As one of my most loved quotes says: “Respect is earned, not given.”
I think that is something a lot of people should start to understand, as if you really suppose children and youth should be respectful because statuses like age and place in society, it might be time for many adults to also start respecting children and youth back, as people may forget to think about it a lot of times, but we are the future, in a way an even higher status…
Anyhow, more to the point, we, children and youth, are the ones who will follow your example one day, and if that example is arrogance, well, at least I don’t, and won’t, follow that example, as you may have all sorts of labels of how great you are, behind all those labels is just another human being, just like any of us, including those who are like me either a child or young person.



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