This is one of three poems I’ve written in a similar style, which totally doesn’t fit the current weather and season. They’re based on my dad’s love for the winter season, or more specifically, snow, on which his own blog’s title “SnowCalmth” is based. I notice that whenever I write poems that mean more to me, such as when I write with specific people or situations in mind, I put more effort into crafting them in a unique way.

While the other two poems will only be released when it’s actually winter, I’ve decided to release this poem now due to the overarching subject of family love. I’ve been intending to write a poem about each of my siblings, as well as my parents, so this serves as an introduction. And, yes, the poem about my dad will include personal aspects of him, possibly some things not everyone is aware of.

How he will dislike adopting me now, hahahaha. No, sincerely, I really love my parents and siblings, whether I’m talking about my adoptive siblings and parents or my biological siblings. I just dislike my biological father, which is no secret if you’ve read my previous poems.

Anyhow, enough talk from me again. It’s time to share my poem. If anyone wishes to talk, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter or Facebook.


In winter’s realm, where snowflakes gently play,
Siblings stand together in the snowy display.
Their bonds unite, like branches in array,
A family’s love, that never will decay.
With laughter and joy, they brighten the day,
Siblings in the snow, come what may.

In harmony, they sled and build, so gay,
A team of hearts, each step they weigh.
Their footprints leave a trail of memories, they say,
Moments cherished, like keepsakes they portray.
Through highs and lows, in every frigid ballet,
Siblings in the snow, come what may.

As snowball fights ensue, a grand ballet,
Their playfulness knows no bounds, at play.
They share in snow-cold hugs, a warm bouquet,
A tapestry of love in actions they convey.
Their spirits intertwined, in a bond that will stay,
Siblings in the snow, come what may.

With rosy cheeks and smiles that never sway,
They make the most of winter’s cabaret.
In each other’s company, they find their way,
Through blizzards fierce or skies of blue and gray.
With love that deepens, as life’s seasons sway,
Siblings in the snow, come what may.

And when the day’s adventures find decay,
They gather ’round the hearth in disarray.
Through stories shared and games they replay,
They build the strongest fortresses of clay.
A family’s strength, like mountains that ne’er betray,
Siblings in the snow, come what may.

In the circle of their love, they pray,
For love and happiness to never go astray.
With hearts entwined, they’ll find their own pathway,
As life’s journey weaves its intricate ballet.
United by love, they’ll face whatever comes their way,
Siblings in the snow, come what may.

So let us cherish family, come what may,
For in their arms, we find our safe harbor bay.
In every season, in every grand display,
Love binds us close, come what may.
With memories and love, we’ll find our way,
Forever in our hearts, like fresh fallen snow, we’ll stay.

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