Whether you read my blog, you read any of my social media profiles, or have contact with me in any other way online, which quite probably would be through any game platform, the message is the same;
From the very first day of November until the very last day of November, there will be no activity of me anywhere online.
(If there’s truly something very important, contact me through @SnowCalmthUA on Twitter)
The reason for this is extremely simple, I don’t have the time to be online.
Technically, I neither have the time now, hence the already lacking activity over the last few weeks, however, during November it will only get worse.
I could explain it in a really long way, like with the reason why I am currently in Germany, which I believe I actually shared already, but not truly sure anymore, yet regardless, that shouldn’t truly matter to anyone.
All that matters is that you know why I am not responding in case you try to contact me during this time, which is that I am simply not reading anything at all during this time.

Oh, for those who loyally check out my translations through YouTube; apart of a thank you for checking out my translations, there will be activity.
As promised last week through Facebook, every Sunday, until at least the end of this year, there will be a non-English song published with English subtitles.
This promise won’t be broken as scheduling the publishing of content through YouTube is fully allowed, unlike on Twitter.
The 10 songs were translated last Friday and have already been scheduled, so no worries, that promise won’t be broken.

Anyhow, now you know.