The sun sets and the moon does rise,
But my body’s clock, a constant surprise,
Ticks to its own rhythm, a unique beat,
A circadian rhythm, that’s incomplete.

Non-24, a condition rare,
Affects my days with a curious flare,
As the world sleeps, I’m wide awake,
My internal clock, a stubborn ache.

Days blend into nights, and nights to days,
Time slips through my grasp in mysterious ways,
My body rebels against the norm,
With a sleep-wake pattern, a constant storm.

Society’s clock, a relentless chime,
But my body’s clock, a different climb,
Through cycles of light and dark,
A journey that feels both strange and stark.

I strive to keep pace, to fit in,
But my body’s clock, a persistent spin,
A battle with time, a constant fight,
To align with the world, both day and night.

Yet in the darkness, I find my peace,
A solitude where my soul can release,
Creativity blooms in the quiet hours,
Unleashing my mind’s infinite powers.

Though Non-24 may set me apart,
It can’t dim the fire within my heart,
For I embrace my uniqueness, with pride,
A free spirit on a sleepless ride.

So, I dance to the rhythm of my own drum,
A journey of self-discovery, a unique sum,
Non-24 may challenge, but it won’t define,
For my soul’s light continues to brightly shine.

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