When I first started this blog (Sleepless Whispers), my goal was having my own corner on the internet to publish my poetry, while learning of others how I could improve my writing, or just to have some positive feedback. This is what I have gotten and I am really glad.

Sadly, however, Automattic has created problems with the WordPress reader. Just a few days, I got noted by David of The Skeptic’s Kaddish that he doesn’t get any updates of my blog through the WordPress reader. And he is not the only one who experiences this. Even my younger brother Aleksander, who writes the blog Boys Dance Too, told me he has this problem. Only by visiting my blog directly could he see my writing.

I’ve been in conversation with Automattic, through which they confirmed an inability to resolve this. If I continued with my blog, it would never be available in the WordPress reader correctly. This will equivalate in my goal of having feedback and ways to improve my writing to be impaired. I needed a solution.

The blog SnowCalmth was once started by my (adoptive) dad, Vadim. He put a lot of energy into it, but this was hampered by Automattic. By my dad being Ukrainian of origin and writing content at that time which could be considered “pro-Ukrainian,” it was determined inappropriate for the WordAds network by Automattic. He got temporarily banned with the message of removing the content or risking a permanent ban. Due to this, my dad decided to remove all pro-Ukrainian content and also completely remove the music section of the blog, which was one of his prides and joys. A decision that would lead to the blog Calmth Music by my eldest brother Vladislav.

Calmth Music would face the same struggles as my dad blog SnowCalmth had, with one major exception. As my eldest brother was smart enough to put something in front of the major record labels. They had free promotion of the activities of SnowCalmth, and then Calmth Music, while my dad, and by then my eldest brother, paid for the blog and the licensing. It was unsustainable, as these licensing costs become huge over time. So, if they wished to continue this, they would have to be responsible for the licensing costs, while he would be responsible for the blog’s costs. They accepted this and Calmth Music became a successful idea.

However, this would fall apart in these past weeks. Automattic decided to permanently ban Calmth Music from WordAds, although confirming earlier today that this was by mistake. But it was too late for Automattic let them know this, as Calmth Music already was remerged with SnowCalmth. The music section of SnowCalmth is back and more active than before. As Calmth Music is no longer just my dad, nor my eldest brother, but has also authors from Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, India, and Israel.

The merge made it clear to me that this was my solution as well. It would also cover for the times when my ME/CFS leaves me unable to write poetry or anything else. But more importantly, give me everything I wish. Unlike the other posts on the SnowCalmth blog, my poetry will have open comments. And as I wanted for so long, my posts will correctly show up on the WordPress Reader.

This is why in the coming hours, this merge will be happening. All my poetry will be made available on SnowCalmth. And afterwards, this whole blog will start redirect to my content on the SnowCalmth blog.

I want to sincerely thank each and all who have supported me in these months while writing my blog. And if you want to keep following me, please give a follow to SnowCalmth. It’s available in the WordPress Reader. If not, I wish each reader of this blog the best in everything for the future. I love each and all of you.

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