In a realm where innocence finds its beat,
There dances a tale of small feet,
They tiptoe through meadows with grace so sweet,
In this enchanting world where dreams retreat.

Small feet upon the sands of time,
Leaving imprints pure and sublime,
Their delicate strides, a gentle chime,
Guiding hearts through life’s paradigm.

Through dew-kissed grass, they softly tread,
With every step, a story’s thread,
In realms of wonder, they’re led,
Whispering secrets yet unsaid.

They wander amidst nature’s embrace,
Exploring realms with boundless space,
Unveiling wonders with every trace,
Unfolding life’s intricate grace.

Like petals, fragile and tender,
They paint the world with dreams to render,
Their tiny steps, a magical surrender,
Bringing joy and warmth so slender.

In childhood’s realm, where dreams take flight,
Small feet dance, adorned in light,
Their laughter, a symphony of delight,
Guiding hearts to love’s resplendent height.

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