A smile brings joy to all. Gratitude to Javier Sánchez for providing the featured photo.

A smile is like a ray of sun,
That brightens up the darkest day.
It spreads its warmth and joy to everyone,
And chases all the clouds away.

A smile can lift a heavy heart,
And bring a spark of hope and cheer.
It’s like a magic work of art,
That makes the world a brighter sphere.

A smile can be a gentle sign,
Of love and kindness in our soul.
It melts away the chains that bind,
And makes us feel more whole.

A smile can bridge the gap between,
Two strangers in a crowded place.
It shows that we are not alone,
And brings a friendly face.

So let us wear a smile each day,
And share its beauty far and wide.
For smiles can light the darkest way,
And fill our hearts with love and pride.

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