Sometimes you think you know, yet,
Sometimes your emotions will show you facts,
Sometimes emotions mean more than words,
Sometimes words are useless,
Sometimes you wish you could speak, yet,
Sometimes you can no longer speak anymore,
Sometimes your supports are wrong, yet,
Sometimes you only become aware of this by something extreme happening,
Sometimes you feel like the world is gone,
Sometimes no one could change your feelings,
Sometimes you just let go of your feelings,
Sometimes you need to express it by a simple act, like crying,
Sometimes you just no longer know…

Sometimes I wish the world would just understand that there happens a lot more by the acts we do, or don’t and that it does not only affect you, not only the other, but,
Sometimes others around are affected by what you did, and this could be positive, or it could be very negative… Yet maybe,
Sometimes people are just not willing to face facts, because their minds have become clouded, and they are no longer in the ability to think straight…
Sometimes I no longer know…


Always I will hope that people get the ability to get rid of their differences and would become peaceful.
As sometimes is not enough, sometimes it has to be always, and you could point to another to do something,
Differences start with one person changing things, getting rid of those sometimes for others, and replacing them with good forms of “always”
Always choose to do the good, as there is not a need for it sometimes to be good at this world, we need this to be always!