2 things directly connected to most young persons? It’s rather obvious, music and video games. And it’s also obvious that when 2 things are liked, they will eventually get combined.

When it comes to gaming, there’s a huge list of video games that takes music beyond just background material. A well-known example would be the video game Audiosurf. I prefer Beat Hazard myself, though.

However, when it comes to music, it becomes a difficult conversation. There are a few examples, like Machinae Supremacy’s “Player One”, but there’s always 1 thing lacking, an actual music video. Yes, you might think VIDEO game and music VIDEO, that people would not forget about actually shooting a video to combine with a song, but sadly they’re usually missing when it comes to songs about video games. Surprising and very sad. There is Bombs Away’s “Drunk Arcade”, but beyond that you’re not likely to find many other good video game music videos, and for obvious reasons I can’t even recommend that one for all ages.

And then, *POOF*, Smash Into Pieces released their song Arcadia, with a fitting music video.

The Swedish band actually started back in 2008 as just 2 friends enjoying making music. About a year later they become a true band by the addition of 3 more members. However, only in 2013 they signed with Fifth Island Music’s record label Gain Music Entertainment, a company and record label partly owned by Sony Music Entertainment, and released their first album.
However, it was only when their second album was released, ‘The Apocalypse DJ‘, when Smash Into Pieces gains popularity.
And when afterwards an actual “The Apocalypse DJ” joins the band, a character shrouded with mystery, the band’s popularity only increases.

Smash Into Pieces is known for noticing what’s truly important among society, shown with their song “In Need Of Medicine”, a song noting the problems of PTSD and depression, but most of all drug abuse. 3 problems with increasing attention among professional artists and bands in recent years caused by the increasing attempts to break the stigma surrounding these 3 problems of society. For a long time people weren’t even aware PTSD isn’t just a veteran-disease, but is a mental health issue affecting many people, with the largest group actually being young persons, not actually veterans.
And then there is “Let Me Be Your Superhero”, a song noting the fact that we all have problems, and that there is always someone who is there who cares, even if you are not always aware and may push that person away based on not understanding the person’s good intentions.
Let’s also not forget “EGO” while we’re at it, a song noting the problem of egotism and narcissism today. The music video clearly reflecting a certain American egotist is a cherry on the cake to an already great song.

That it is Smash Into Pieces who releases the perfect musical tribute to gaming is rather fitting. The music video for the song Arcadia remembers the old-school arcade, without which today’s way of video gaming most certainly wouldn’t have existed, but also today’s often futuristic style of video games. Also, the lyrics of the song includes clarity of it being about video games. This all comes combined with a combination of rock and touches of EDM.
As usual when it comes to the Swedish Smash Into Pieces, there’s a message and cause included in their lyrics and music video, which is gaming addiction, the unawareness of people what’s truly going on around them, as well as what their acts cause.
It’s Smash Into Pieces at their best, a song which most certainly will reach most youth and young adults, but is most certainly not limited to this group of our society.