Song Translation: Boef – Sofiane

I know this artist is classified as controversial in the Netherlands, but hey, I could be the same in my own country based on my childhood, and probably will end up the same once I actually reach adulthood myself. Hence I am not joining in the boycott, and you can find the translation of the song “Sofiane” by the French-Dutch (of Algerian origin) artist known as “Boef” below. The translation is done based on the request by Warner Music Benelux(Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg).

Like most of my translations, this is not a literal translation, but instead a transcreated translation. This has to do with the large amount of street language which was used in this song, which would be unable to be understood in a literal translation.
Street language is also the main cause of the controverse I already stated to be about this artist in the Netherlands. Some people state this problem has to do with an age barrier, but, in all honesty, I am not even Dutch, my knowledge of the Dutch language has primarily to do with tutoring and having lived about 1 year in the Dutch town of Hoorn, and I can still understand it, so I really doubt it has to do with age, but much rather about not willing to be aware of it all…

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