Song Translation: Mordechai Shapiro – Machar

, Song Translation: Mordechai Shapiro – Machar, SnowCalmth


This translation is a spur of the moment kind of translation. I was talking with a friend about our favorites songs, and the song was noted by me, after which my friend said there was no translation available, and if I could translate it for him. Hence I did so.
The song was send to me about a year ago by a Jewish friend at the USA, and it instantly became a feel-good song for me. I listen to it every time I notice my mind becomes dark. It’s very similar to when I listen to other Jewish artists, like Benny, Micha Gamerman, Ari Goldwag, and 8th Day.

Technically the lyrics translated as “Let bygones be bygones.” are 3 different phrases. It’s important to note about this that it could have been translated in 3 ways, but it is unnecessary, unusual, and even confusing when it comes to the English language. If you prefer, you could also read it as “What’s done is done.”, which is the English idiom with the same meaning.

The text of the letter shown in the music video:

Dear Avi,

How are you?
I miss you so much!
Just in case you are feeling homesick
I want you to know that
I was homesick too.
But Don’t worry

– Dad

Subtitled music video

Translated lyrics

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Original lyrics

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