Song: Drowned Inside Myself (feat. Jenieva Jane)
Artist: Saint of Sin (Peter Ries from Germany, Stellar Fairbairn from Ireland, and Rasa Veretenčevienė from Lithuania.)
Featuring: Jenieva Jane (USA/Germany)
Album: Aloud
Released: 2014
Additional credits: Mary Applegate (Germany), and Jasmin Faridi (Germany)
Copyright: Independent / Passion & Divine Records


Drowned inside myself

Cierra tus ojos y escucha el silencio.
(Close your eyes and listen to the silence)
Sumergete en tu alma y descubre en ti la eternidad del universo.
(Submerge yourself in your soul and discover in yourself the eternity of the universe.)

Drowned inside myself.
Just let go of the old.
It’s time for being brighter and find that pot of gold.
And if all my dreams are sold, there is one I still hold.
The temple of desire, of the fire.
For my heart is open wide.
And my heart will never lie.