There has been a lot of viral music this decade.
Who still remembers Rebecca Black’s Friday?
Or how about Despacito by Luis Fonsi  and Daddy Yankee?
Psy‘s Gangnam Style, Daddy, Gentleman, or literally any of his other songs.
Harlem Shake by Baauer, The Fox by Ylvis, PPAP by Pikotaro, and Crab Rave by Noisestorm.
Run Away by Sunstroke Project & Olia Tira, a Eurovision song which went viral based on the “epic sax guy“.
There’s also that moment when people actually liked Russia for a bit, as the song Skibidi by Russian band Little Big went viral, even though I prefer LollyBomb more myself. As well as Mi Mi Mi by Серебро (Serebro).
And then there is Italobrothers’ Stamp On The Ground, which was released in September of 2009, but only went viral in 2010 and 2011.
Toy, a song by Netta, Israel’s entry for, and winner of, Eurovision 2018 went viral too, even though people acted like they severely hated it. Statistics don’t lie.
Let’s not forget about We No Speak Americano, an early viral song in this decade.
Who’s Laughing Now by Jessie J, as well as most songs at the start of this decade by her.
Also pretty much all of the songs by Katy Perry, Stromae, Bruno Mars, Sia, and Marshmello.
Red Foo’s Let’s Get Ridiculous, LMFAO‘s Party rock anthem and Sexy and I Know It, and Pharrell WilliamsHappy.
And who can forget about Like A G6, #SELFIE, Tacata, Danza Kuduro, I’m an Albatraoz, and Bangarang?
There even was Dance Monkey earlier this year.

I could go on for a while, as there have been many other viral and popular music. But, no, my song is not among any of them. Mine is a bit lesser known song, which is Always by RL Grime, an artist and song which actually only got on my radar by UNICEF’s campaign video against child marriage. It hit, hard. The song is simple and yet extremely powerful. It shows the true power of music, in my personal opinion. No lyrics, nothing bombastic, just simple easy-listening music, with an impact beyond imagine.
To me, it’s a perfect song.