Beneath the sky’s vast, azure dome,
In meadows green and forests loam,
A tender duty calls us home,
To care for creatures, as they roam.

Their eyes hold stories, ancient and wise,
In every flutter, every rise,
From soaring eagles in the skies,
To creatures that in burrows hide.

With gentle hands and hearts that share,
We mend their wounds, show them we care,
A promise to protect and spare,
For every life is meant to bear.

In pastures wide or oceans deep,
In valleys low and mountains steep,
We sow kindness’ seeds, and then we reap,
Our empathy, a bond to keep.

For they, the beings of fur and feather,
Are intertwined with nature’s tether,
A fabric woven, ties that gather,
In this vast, interconnected endeavor.

So let’s be stewards, strong and kind,
In their defense, a stance aligned,
With every heartbeat intertwined,
A pact of care for all confined.

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