I am a girl, strong and true,
But life is tough, as I go through
The struggles that come day by day,
I have to fight, to find my way.

Sometimes it feels like an endless war,
And I can’t take it anymore,
But I remind myself, I’m not alone,
And my strength will continue to grow.

I face challenges with grace and grit,
My heart full of hope, my spirit lit,
I will rise above the doubts and fears,
And wipe away the pain and tears.

For I am a girl, with a heart of gold,
And I know my worth, even when I’m told
I’m not enough, or I can’t achieve,
I stand tall, and I believe.

So if you’re going through struggles too,
Know that you are strong, and you’ll get through,
Keep pushing forward, and never let go,
You’re stronger than you know.

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