Sending lots of love and thanks to all who have already liked and continue to like my posts on WordPress, Twitter, and Facebook. Since it’s my school’s summer vacation, there may be times when I won’t be able to share a poem daily, but I still intend to keep sharing poems on a daily basis.

My poem:

The school bell rings its final chime,
An end to early morning time.
For books and desks, we say goodbye,
As summer’s freedom fills the sky.

With dreams untold, we journey forth,
Embracing adventures, proving our worth.
No more exams, no stress or strife,
A chance to live a carefree life.

Under the sun’s warm, golden embrace,
We find solace in this precious space.
The world becomes our canvas wide,
As wild hearts embrace the tide.

Beneath the shade of towering trees,
We dance with nature, our spirits at ease.
Exploring hidden trails, our secret quest,
Unearthing treasures, feeling truly blessed.

Sand between our toes, we run free,
With laughter echoing, full of glee.
Ocean waves, a symphony’s tune,
A lullaby whispered beneath the moon.

Late-night conversations under starry skies,
Bonds forged deeper, as time flies.
We paint our dreams upon the canvas of night,
The universe listens, embracing our light.

From city streets to mountains grand,
We traverse this wondrous, uncharted land.
Every new place, a chance to unfold,
Discovering ourselves as stories are told.

Summer vacation, a gateway to find,
The depths of our souls, dreams entwined.
We seek the beauty in every day,
A kaleidoscope of colors in our play.

As days turn to weeks, the season wears thin,
But memories of summer will forever begin.
For in this moment, we have found,
The essence of freedom, hearts unbound.

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