The care of orphans in Russia and Ukraine

Orphans and their problems in Ukraine and Russia [2018 version]

The problem for orphans in Ukraine and Russia When you hear Ukraine and Russia in 1 sentence, it is most often about the ongoing conflict in Eastern Ukraine and how either Ukraine or Russia is bad.While this happens, there are very few who dare to notice the impact…
YouTube video problems 1

YouTube video problems

Today I got a message that my most recent translated songs on YouTube were not displaying correctly. Which is indeed true. While using any Chromium-based browser, like Google Chrome and Opera, to watch my most recent uploads, videos stutter throughout. As it turns out, the problems are caused…
Blog problems 2

Blog problems

During the past night my blog was suddenly offline, and boom, this morning suddenly my blog looks different and has a lot of broken parts. This has happened because of 2 reasons: The first were problems with the host I used, as most certainly has been noticed the…