Social media platforms fight bots through automation, causing only worse problems

By Vadim Dovganyuk

It’s a regular part of pretty much anyone’s life these days, social media. Most of us visit it at least once a day, if not more, far more even. However, you might be surprised about how many people have experienced being suspended, or banned as people also will call it. According to pretty much every…


Syrian Civil War: A simplified view through my eyes

By Vadim Dovganyuk

Syria… A country with one of the most over-complicated conflicts in recent history. As unlike examples like the conflicts/wars at Ukraine, Armenia/Azerbaijan, Iraq, Israel/Palestine, Yemen, and basically every single other conflict that is ongoing, this one is not truly as complicated when you dare to look at this in a simple way, and get rid…

Song translation: Valdi Sabev – Through The Eyes Of A Child

By Vadim Dovganyuk

Video by YouTuber 777loveisall. Message has been translated to multiple languages, though, some errors may remain even after various checks on spelling, grammar and meaning (by professional translators). Thank you all who helped with the translations so it will reach as much of the world as possible. May you learn of the message. Original English lyrics:…