Dare to ask yourself

By Vadim Dovganyuk

People always say to others that they should tell their backstory when something bad has happened to them. The same goes for me, yet, I decided to not do so. It’s rather simple why I don’t, as what does it even matter? Ask yourself, would you treat me differently if I would say that I…


Awareness starts with being more aware yourself

By Vadim Dovganyuk

Today is World Mental Health Day, the day that should happen every day… That is the real problem when it comes to all those “special days”, the fact it should not be special! And, yes, it is probably easier for me to say that as I have mental health differences. Differences, I use that term…

The faking of Russians – How to keep yourself safe.

By Vadim Dovganyuk

Russians… The moment I have to write this word, it already comes to my own attention this is going to cause some people looking with a dirty look… Hold on before you do, as this is not negative nor positive to any nationality. It is actually either a like or dislike, Russians, but when it…