Once I was asked “why do you not hate me?”, which is a rather disturbing question to hear regardless, but especially when you are unaware where the question comes from.
It’s a question that was asked me a few years ago, which left me speechless, unaware that the question had a lot of feelings behind it…

There’s a saying, children are not born with a sense of discrimination, you are taught to discriminate by adults, which is sadly the truth.
In reality, this is the first and foremost group who actually faces discrimination, children, caused by the lack of knowledge of people that ageism is a form of discrimination as well, and one of the few forms of discrimination that is recognized as fully legal, to my sadness.
Which makes it not surprising that when we look at adults, that the majority of adults are discriminatory, as we could actually explain it as simple as that we were taught about it since we started living.
Still, that doesn’t make it right, not in the least.

When it came to the person who asked me the question, it was something completely different what was the reason for asking.
It’s however awfully close, as it’s once again one of those forms of discrimination people most often don’t even recognize, and realize to take part in.
The reason for her asking was because she was a girl living in poverty, at the streets of Donetsk, which would give us 3 forms of discrimination.
However, as someone who didn’t get the concept of discrimination, I didn’t even know what to say, and eventually it required her to explain.
A friendship eventually came to be, which eventually was ripped apart by the governmental decisions that have left our region to be destroyed…

A few years later, yesterday, I finally met her again, at the city of Moscow.
The once poor and worried girl bloomed like a flower, there was no way of recognizing her past, as it would seem she came from a very rich family.
Making it not surprising that I would have almost passed her by unknowingly, if it wasn’t for a shriek and a hug, which left people on the streets muttering some words.
Reality being that once she and her parents left Donetsk for Moscow, her parents found good jobs, and her situation completely changed.
Still, when we looked back at the past, and how both of our lives have changed completely, it left us both with a sense of discontent.
As however we would like to twist or turn everything, the fact behind everything is that we were both once discriminated for our places in society, while now people act with respect, caused by the fact we are no longer where we were…

This all is the primary reason of one of the questions I get asked quite often, which is why I am completely against all forms of discrimination, and why I can’t stand American president Trump.
In reality, we, as a society, are giving the wrong people respect, respect they often not deserve, while those who deserve respect, will quite possibly never see it at all.
Among those people are homeless veterans, a group of people who truly stood for our countries, and are often now treated like trash…
When it comes to this realization I have, I simply can’t discriminate, as let’s be honest for a moment; is discrimination ever justified?
Just think about the fact that we are unable to actually know someone’s life, let alone know how it feels to be in their shoes and look to the world through their eyes.
Eventually, discrimination doesn’t show anything else than 1 thing, which is that those who discriminate lack the ability to think beyond their own little world…