That which goes viral, does not have to be true

Remember the Syrian girl “Bana Alabed”?
Her Twitter account has been removed.
So, what changed?
Well, according to whoever managed the account, the Syrian Army has deleted the account, which is actually very unlikely..
But maybe, it all rather has to do with that facts didn’t support the account.

Sources within Syria have already been pointing out that the account could not be real because of the lack of proper internet at Aleppo, meaning that it is a true struggle to get anything published, and therefore it being quite impressive to get 1 Tweet published at the time something happened, let alone 100+ Tweets…
Apart of this, such struggle wouldn’t be really be something you would care about if you are trying to stay alive, it is rather something you would do if you have secondary motives.

Also notable is that she would have been verified by the American Embassy at Syria, which obviously caused question marks, as those who know their facts, know there has been no American Embassy at Syria since 2012, activities were seized because.. yes, of course, the conflict..

But it still does not stop just there.

The account has been said, by quite some people even, to be managed by a Syrian male teacher(, who also is said to be know for spreading Jihadist propaganda).
There remains a video online at this man’s profile with him being together with the girl said to be Bana, in which it is seen that Bana does not actually understand what he is saying using the English language by her facial expressions, while during the activities at the girl’s twitter account, all her “campaigns” always used the English language.
A teacher could easily get close to children and set up this sort of campaign…

Fact is that the Syrian army has made a lot of “progress” today.
Fact is that the girl herself exists.
But that currently seems all the facts regarding the verification and deletion of this Twitter account.

However, also notably is that her (so-called) mother’s account has a quote of the Quran shared in a way that it without any doubt is seen as a hateful share, promoted the previous said teacher…

Wait, am I not focusing on the most important part…
She has a Tweet saying:
“Nusayriah bombing have absolutely no mercy. Today they killed the doll of my daughter… She’s so sad. That’s the last pic. -Fatemah #Aleppo”
With a photo that traces back to an article made in 2013 by “Ahmed Rehab” at the website of “The Chicago Monitor”…

In basics, almost the whole world was fooled, like I have shared enough time by now, just because people believe everything that goes viral…


The said article of The Chicago Monitor

The website of the American Embassy at Syria’s website sharing their suspension of activities.

The tweet at mother’s account
, That which goes viral, does not have to be true, SnowCalmth

Video of teacher’s profile

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