Earlier today I posted on Facebook my surprise, frustration, and annoyance of something I discovered through an American friend working at an adoption agency.
The fact that the USA currently has almost 120 thousand children looking to be adopted, about double the number of registered children without parental care in Russia.
And I don’t refer to Russia without a reason, as that is where my actual frustration and annoyance comes from.
As while the United States has over double the number of children needing adoption compared to Russia, Americans also are trying to lift the adoption ban Russia has on Americans…
Even though the simple fact is that the USA needs Americans to adopt within their own country, and not beyond borders.
According to the most recent statistics, the number of children waiting for adoption in the USA was 117,794, an increase of 6436 children in comparison to a year before, which already has been increasing non-stop for 5 years.
And for those who are not aware, that are just the children who need adoption and doesn’t include those who are in foster homes…
(Source: https://www.acf.hhs.gov/sites/default/files/cb/afcarsreport24.pdf)

Tell me, is anyone even able to think of an excuse for these horrible statistics?
It primarily frustrates me as we here in Eastern Europe are often criticized by Western countries over our so-called high number of “orphans”.
Hence my anti-campaigns against foundations like the Lumos Foundation and Disability Rights International in terms of their lacking understanding when it comes to terminology.
Yet, if we would reflect on the fact that the USA has about double the amount of people as Russia, it would seem the statistics say that the situations are basically the same…
And yet, when we take the whole situation of it all, it would say the USA still has a far bigger problem, as the number of children without parental care in Russia is decreasing, while it is increasing in the USA.
And apart from just that, when it comes to Russia, we don’t need to add a number of children in foster care.
As let’s not forget, they fall into the same category as other children without parental care.
Eventually, they neither got what they deserve; which is to be with a family to call their own, and to be loved for who they truly are.

To not overcomplicate, no, I am not going into the reason why this problem exists.
As that is simple, it is easier for Americans to adopt intercountry; as it is factually cheaper and faster.
However, I do really hope that the USA will wake up, as while some people are screaming to “make America great again”, every single day children are left behind by exactly the same people.
And sorry, but in complete honesty, the USA needs to stop looking beyond their borders, as when children are still left behind without governmental attempts to improve, there is no reason to look beyond borders by that government…