In the vast sea of life, there shines a light,
Education, the beacon, piercing the night.
Guiding us forward, with wisdom so bright,
An endless journey, an empowering flight.

Education is not merely a school’s domain,
It’s a lifelong pursuit, a knowledge rain.
From lessons learned, insights we gain,
In every triumph, in every pain.

Books and classrooms, just the start,
Education is an art of the heart.
It’s in every life part,
A compass, setting us apart.

Learning is more than facts and figures,
It’s about growth, how one configures.
In every challenge life triggers,
Education is the key that figures.

It’s not just about the grades we earn,
But the bridges we build, the tables we turn.
From every lesson, we learn,
Fueling the passion that within us burns.

So here’s to education, our guiding star,
May it lead us forward, near and far.
In this journey, no matter where we are,
May we continue to raise the bar.

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