We have been having trouble finding the correct wording, hence this message is only shared so late. Most words don’t seem right to use in the current state of the world. We got reminded once more that our grandfather is still in Ukraine fighting for freedom that the Russian Federation keeps trying to take away. These days aren’t happy for our family, as they aren’t for the many other families suffering around the world due to preventable circumstances like war and hunger. It feels unjust to wish people to be happy these days. However, this doesn’t mean we believe in better days, which these days are exactly about. So we wish everyone that, for days to become better, for the world to become brighter, for wars to end, and for those living in hardship to get the help and support they deserve. We wish blessings upon those who stand and work toward righteous causes. And for the mommies, daddies, brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters taken away from their families because of the bad of mankind to be reunited with their families who miss them so much. May 2023 be a better year than 2022 has been.

With the utmost love,

The Calmth Music team and Vadim (owner of SnowCalmth)
[This message was written by Aleksander.]

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