In the theater of life, under the star-studded sky,
Two hearts meet, in a dance that will never die.
A tale of love, as old as time itself,
An epic ballad, kept on life’s highest shelf.

In the garden of affection, seeds of love we sow,
Nurtured by the tender touch, in the moon’s soft glow.
Through the seasons of life, as the winds of time blow,
In the dance of hearts, our love continues to grow.

Your eyes, a mirror to my soul’s deepest desire,
Ignite in my heart, an unquenchable fire.
Our hands entwined, our spirits aligned,
In the dance of hearts, two souls intertwined.

The melody of your laughter, the rhythm of your breath,
Create a symphony of love, defying even death.
Through the corridors of time, our love story unfurls,
In the dance of hearts, as the universe whirls.

In your arms, I find my sanctuary,
In your love, my soul’s vocabulary.
Through the chapters of life, our tale is spun,
In the dance of hearts, two become one.

Your love is my compass, my guiding light,
Leading me through life’s darkest night.
Through the storms of life, as the thunder roars,
In the dance of hearts, our love endures.

In your kisses, I taste eternity’s sweet nectar,
In our love, I find a bond no force can fracture.
Through the sands of time, as grains slip away,
In the dance of hearts, our love will forever sway.

As twilight descends and stars take their bow,
Our love remains, unbroken by time’s plow.
Through the ages and beyond, our bond remains strong,
In the dance of hearts, where we both belong.

So here’s to love, to an emotion so profound,
To a feeling that makes the world go round.
In the dance of hearts, let’s lose ourselves,
For in love, one truly finds oneself.

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