In the moment we met,
Our eyes locked in a gaze,
My heart skipped a beat,
And my mind was ablaze.

A connection so strong,
A feeling so pure,
I knew in that moment,
My heart had found its cure.

We started to talk,
And the hours flew by,
Our souls intertwined,
As we laughed and we cried.

With each passing day,
Our love grew more strong,
And we danced to the rhythm,
Of our heartfelt love song.

But as with any dance,
There are steps that we learn,
And we stumbled and fell,
As we tried to discern.

The steps of our dance,
Were not always clear,
And we had to learn to trust,
As we navigated our fears.

But through all the trials,
And the joys we have shared,
Our love has grown deeper,
And our souls have been bared.

For in the dance of love,
We must be vulnerable and true,
And trust in the journey,
That will lead us to something new.

So let us dance together,
In this beautiful waltz of life,
Embracing each step,
As we navigate the strife.

For our love is a dance,
That will never grow old,
And we will keep on dancing,
Until our hearts are bold.

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