In a world of whimsy and make-believe,
A tale I shall weave, of a brother so dear,
Whose heart beats to a different rhythm, it seems,
For he dreams of a life as a clown, without fear.

Oh, my older brother, full of laughter and cheer,
His spirit dances with colors, so vibrant and bright,
In his eyes, I see the spark, the twinkle so clear,
A performer’s heart, longing to take flight.

Through corridors of wonder, where dreams reside,
He dons a painted smile, his true self revealed,
With floppy shoes and a heart so wide,
He treads the path that others may conceal.

With nimble fingers, he crafts joy from thin air,
Tying balloons into whimsical shapes untold,
His humor a language, no words can compare,
As laughter erupts, his worth can’t be undersold.

Though some may cast sideways glances and sneer,
He stays resolute, a beacon of dreams,
For in his heart, he carries a courage sincere,
To embrace the unusual, or so it seems.

In the realm of jesters, where tears turn to jest,
He finds solace, a sanctuary to call his own,
He breathes life into moments, both joyous and pressed,
Turning frowns upside down, his gifts finely honed.

Oh, my brother, the clown with a soul so pure,
You paint our world with hues of mirth and delight,
Through laughter, you teach us to endure,
To find strength in embracing what feels right.

So let us celebrate his dream, undeterred,
For the world needs more souls like his, it’s true,
To find the courage to be truly absurd,
To chase our passions, no matter how askew.

In the tapestry of life, he weaves his thread,
A clown’s legacy, a gift to cherish and share,
For his dreams, unbound, shall never be shed,
A testament to the magic we all long to bear.

This ode, a tribute to my brother’s delight,
May he find joy in his chosen path,
Embracing the laughter, with all his might,
For he’s taught us that dreams can outlast.

With every painted smile, he leaves his mark,
A sibling’s pride in her brother’s quest,
For in the world of clowns, where dreams embark,
He shines brightest, an eternal jest.

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