[su_note note_color=”#6690ff”]This is the first blog post that is entirely written in a negative view and just taking things head-on, this may not be liked by everyone, but there is no honest way to write this in any other way anymore.[/su_note]

Wherever you live at this world, you should have noticed it, hatred.
It is happening everywhere, even at the previous named 2 most peaceful countries at the world, which were Denmark and Iceland.

It is crazy, there is no denying, it is crazy we ourselves lost the ability to let others live.
That is what it all comes down to, the unability to understand we are not the only person at this world.
Just let us be honest about it, as most problems resolve around nationality, religion, looks, health(including mental health), believes and likings.
We ourselves are the voice of despair, there is no other way of explaining…
And that is generalization, which most say we should not do.
Indeed, we should not generalize, most often that is, as maybe we should generalize who is to blame, and that is simply humanity, all of us together.
And yet, there is one clear problem above all…

Yes, we are disabled, all of us, morally disabled to be precise.
And I made the choice of the song above for a purpose, as that song got a lot of controvery because the title basically means “Disabled People”…
My part of this is however saying that making that link is quite correct…
Sure it is, the one who thought it was about either mental disabled or physical disabled people, that person already was morally disabled, so that is not hard at all.
But, there is a link at mentally disabled people just as well.
Simple fact is, I myself would count as mentally disabled, as I am autistic, if you would count me morally disabled is your choice.
My problem with a huge number of mentally disabled people is that they are fully negative, all about suicide and hurt, which is not wrong on its self, but it is when you promote these acts…
That in fact is what happens quite a lot at mentally disabled people, and that is why I always support those who stand against it, even when they have had this phase themselves, as they overcome it.
But what do I get for just stating this? Bashed, trolled, bullied and a lot of other words of hurt.
That is which shows exactly all of us are morally disabled, as we are not able to let others have their opinions, but instead they should all have the same to us…

The world has all become to resolve around labels, and that label always shows to us whether you good or bad.
Yet, the thing is that it does not work like that, not at all even.
It is why I never have added the fact of me being Jewish at my “about me” page, or how I actually look like, and do not even post photos of it.
Just the fact of stating that I was Jewish, got my 11 hate messages within 10 minutes at Twitter, and I am basically just a nobody, just another person at this world…
In the end all except 2 were able to understand me after saying that Zionists are not the same as Jewish people, yet it does leave a bad taste in my mouth.
I am not a hateful person, if I hate you, you have to do something very bad to me, so having to explain that every time somebody learns something of me, it makes me feel sad.
And the cruelest part is that it counts both in real life as at the internet, and after some time, it just feels better to keep your mouth shut, as it does for me.


Our 2 worlds have become places of morally disabled people, not able to understand the differences and accept others.
The internet is in fact a second world to all of us, whether we deny it or accept it, it never will anything else.
It is not even those who do evil that will not show their faces as example,
It is also people like me and you that will not do, as we are afraid of those who do evil at this world we call the internet.
Yet even online we are not safe.
Most of the reasons are clear, but what most do not actually recognize is the hatred of social media.
No, not those who are active at these so-called “social platforms”, but the staff managing all of these websites.

Just take a look at the big 3, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
All require the age of 13 to sign up, simply for the fact that is the age all Americans apparently should have governmental identification methods.
I indeed say Americans, as this is about hatred, and in actual fact the hatred shows by discrimination.
Whether you call it positive discrimination to Americans, or (negative) discrimination to the others, it is something that is there.
I however can only give the example of Europeans, as I live at Europe myself.
That age of 13 is a disability to almost every young person that is active at these platforms.
As just like those at the regions of America, we are allowed to sign up and use these platforms when we are 13, just there is one single difference…

Most European countries do not have the age of 13 as mandatory for having governmental identification methods.
In fact, I know for certain of countries that have the age of 18, but if I remember correctly, there is even at least country that goes all the way up to 21.
And yet, just like Americans, we need to give these to the platforms when making certain request, that is impossible to most of us, and probably even more important, lawfully not required!
As if I do not say it wrong, the European Union has a law stating it is only required to show to governmental agencies, but that could be local laws too…
But that is all but important, as the fact most of us do not have one, do not even require one, and are forced by some of these platforms to get one, it is a form of discrimination, and therefore hatred.
Both Facebook and Instagram are however pretty mild, Facebook accepted my birth certificate as valid proof of identity, Instagram instead accepted a photo that was not yet posted to Instagram and was not able to be reverse-image-searched, which in fact is a more secure way than some recognize, but that is not of importance right now.

Twitter remains the only platform that did not accept anything AT ALL, my birth certificate was an invalid way of identification to them, my Ukrainian passport was an invalid way of identification, Russian passport(no comment) the same, and yes, even my European ID card was denied, which remains the most funny to me.
The reason was not very clear for some time, until I got to hear quite a huge amount of the European Twitter staff are not located at Europe at all, but also just at the USA, which apparently includes the full Russian staff team of Twitter, which most are not even Russian.(Unless you want to make comments of Finland, Belarus and some Asian countries being Russia, which I would advice not to do…)
It all ends up in no way of identification, hurting not the obvious ability of getting things done, but also internet safety, in eventually us ourselves…
Discriminated just not being American, even while way back in history, Southern and Northern America were taken(Look at the history of the USA as easiest example…) by Europeans, Africans and Asians, the 2 continents are in ways the children of the other continents…

In the end, all of the world is about hatred, even what I am saying.
Even though I try to keep it mild, it is a form of hatred that I just spread here.
It is not as simple as me telling you that an uprise/rebellion/revolution could break apart both Russia and USA from within if people wanted to,
But just words that could hurt people in general, can already be seen as hatred.
And yet, how can we not spread hatred in the world of today?

As let us just be honest about it…
The media and politics are both filled with hatred, and still are the 2 most important things, to every one of us.
I personally as example do not watch television at all, so I will miss a lot of media examples, and political.
But, I am active at the internet, a form of media often forgotten.
Yet, we can not get away from it, as living as Amish people, that would never work, at least not for all of us.
What we would need to do is noticing differences and accepting them, but not to treat everyone equal or with respect, instead treat others honestly, in ways that are good for them, and not necessarily which is good for you.
In the end, if you k**l another, you will be killed yourself, and in the end it will just end up in everyone being killed, whether we like it…
or not…