In a land far away, on a quiet street,
Lived a feline with a heart full of love to meet,
A guardian angel in fur and whiskers,
Her eyes shone bright, like heavenly elixirs.

The feline angel, with paws so light,
Roamed the streets through the day and night,
Whisker-twitching, tail-swishing grace,
And a purr so soothing, it could heal a race.

She found those lost, and in despair,
And led them home with utmost care,
She would cuddle the lonely, and kiss their tears,
And chase away all their fears.

Her heavenly purr and gentle meow,
Guided souls through storms, so they could plow,
She was an angel sent from above,
Filled with compassion, kindness, and love.

One stormy night, a lost child came by,
And the feline angel heard her cry,
With gentle nudges, and a loving embrace,
She led the child to a safe and warm place.

The child knew then, without a doubt,
The feline angel had brought her out,
She looked up and saw the angel’s wings,
And heard the melody the angel sings.

The feline angel left, but her legacy stayed,
The good deeds she did will never fade,
Her spirit lives on, through every kind act,
And her love continues to impact.

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